Enterprise site according to the data analysis of user needs for the content


content from the access time

PV webmasters are simply used in the inspection site of flow is improved, in fact, the PV value from the side also reflects the many problems such as the site of the site, the user friendly experience, because the PV value is high, that users visit your site more deeply, and imagine if user friendly experience is not good, the user can access into our site. At the same time, the webmaster can build web content to better value by pv.

home page visited the site is the largest, of course, this is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, in our analysis of users love what home data have to be eliminated. Then is the inside pages browsing data, we can say it directly, browse a large amount of content is the user the most love. Then we can analyze these pages that users love what. Then when we increase the content can go in this direction, so that you can on the other hand, improve the site’s friendly experience.

in the background traffic statistics we have a number of visitors each time in the statistical data, as shown below, then this data has great significance for what we? I believe that through this data we can see where a period of time visitors to the site is the largest amount of then, can update the time according to the data to arrange our website. Especially for some large amount of update site enterprises, how to make your visitors can see the most fresh content is that we need to pay special attention to. At the same time, there is one thing we need to pay attention to, the author is not to say that a time period in which the largest amount of user access will all updates that in a period of time. A reasonable time distribution of updates can take care of more visitors.

at the site of the above data we can see that the visitors in the two time periods of the.

surveyed page click rate and the bounce rate of

: from the PV value, retention time, bounce rate sniff out user’s favorite content

two: analysis of the best time to update the

From above we can find

for each business site, one will do for our users and search engines to provide high quality daily work, if a business site if not adhere to update the content, users and search engines will eventually leave your site. As for website update, is not as long as we insist every day update several pieces of it. In fact, there are many updates and need to pay attention to small details. Only deal with these problems in order to make our content to get the best effect. For some small details this update, I think we can get our answer from our data in website.


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