360 search and Youdao search cooperation is that there is no strategic significance

according to the relevant data show that a search search market accounted for 0.26%, and now 360 search search market share has been maintained at around 15% (excluding figures after the decimal point, in order to set off a small search, there are reports that 360 search June has occupied 20% market share this year), so the 360 search and no cooperation any strategic significance, simple idea is the 0.26% to switch over, no way! 360 search from the debut since the fierce offensive, but the search market share has been stable at around 15%, love Shanghai this piece of market share is obviously not eating, so can only find another way. Plus "Sogou acquisition event" has not yet settled, and finally into the "dog" who is still unknown, it is inevitable that some impetuous.

a few days ago, 360 and NetEase announced a NetEase to give up the search to the mobile Internet, will search 360360 outsourcing to provide technical support for its search service, it is worth noting that 360 search only provide free services, is not involved in related businesses, Youdao search, however, we can not guess Youdao search far Lu Youdao! Search are also considered relatively long ago, said to have been six years, but the Jiugong helpless before miscues, shame is the 360 search only spent a month’s time to complete a 6 years to finish the thing, and now a 360 cooperation, also finished a pile.

The actual meaning of

is greater than the strategic significance of

(there are 360 such Youdao search search have suspected, Kazakhstan)

here I say again Youdao search now in some cases, because there is a now use outsourcing to 360 search, so get on a search data on more than 360 search, Youdao web, video, pictures and news four channel full access to 360 search results, the author to provide screenshots to better understand (their best to experience).

in Chinese nowadays search engine has become the world pattern, can be described as "a situation of tripartite confrontation" trend, yesterday also said Pangu search and instantly search is already in the wheat city ", not only" just "to sacrifice themselves. There will be other search engines continue to withdraw from the war. This makes me think of the Three Kingdoms period before the pack and at the time, but now too sad, [new three (95 episodes), I very love but no time, so from the school until now, after a few days ago, really good drama], the world is divided into three potential. Other search engines also insist to fear a spent force. A search silently quit, it makes me more and more optimistic about the immediate and Pangu JJYY everything, when you break, otherwise it will by chaos.

search technology outsourcing to 360 search


now the results page has displayed the following results by the 360 search + search on a >

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