Shanghai Longfeng optimization dead nternet marketing no future

2012 because more and more practitioners, market confusion, and adjust the search engine love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon to winter, Shanghai dragon dead remarks spread rapidly. Especially the rise of mobile Internet, WeChat number and other public media platform came into being, Shanghai dragon has slowly been abandoned for most of my friends.

Internet Network Information Center data, as of June 2016, the total number of domain names in China increased to 36 million 980 thousand, 4 million 540 thousand sites. Internet users has reached 710 million, of which the search engine users reached 593 million. On the whole, users of mobile phone users, search engines are the second major Internet applications. (the first is instant communication)

on Saturday because of partners in the printing industry (printing) a forum, at lunch time to communicate, there are many industry personnel about printing industry has come to the winter, can live well. Is North American technology as a layman, see the printing market still have a brilliant future, we consulted the industry veteran, learned printing is printing market share of 5%-10%. The industry officials said the winter can Oh, first out of the industry should be this kind of person.

and other search engines love Shanghai official slowly in the face of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, also continue to help optimize the webmaster better. However, the impact of the mobile Internet, based on the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization basically can not be recognized, especially the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization time-consuming, instability is why we abandon the. Even many who believe Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the grass root customer and grass root practitioners, that there is no future career.

Even if one day Although According to the

these data explain what the problem is? This website will show to the user in the form of how? The importance of the search engine is very obvious. We will say Shanghai has been out of date, to optimize the Longfeng winter, even dead?


In this paper,

regression theme, Shanghai dragon rise optimization is not a long time, in 2004 began to emerge, 2006 slowly be cognitive, basically in 2009 before the Shanghai dragon will be able to understand the point of knowledge website ranking, flow do very well, nature can make money.

search engine is not so fire, or that the website search engine based on the optimization of Shanghai dragon slowly to be forgotten by everyone but based on someone search, a search box is Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is always the foundation of network marketing, but the form has changed, not only.

We all know that

has good product needs good marketing, Internet marketing although we slowly cognition, but most of the time was equivalent to the network marketing advertising, all more or less in the fight against marketing platform. As the basis of network marketing optimization is Shanghai dragon many friends forget, guardian say Shanghai Kun yuan dragon optimization really dead? Internet marketing has no future?

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