Founder Wang Kai a new recruit from the nternet to create a small and beautiful products began

Abstract from the famous CCTV host to WeChat people from the media, business Kaicheng "Wang Kai Kai," uncle told the story to the children for uncle. Claiming to be the Internet venture recruits him with a "sleep" completed to traditional media to new media transformation, how did he do it? "The following is a story of founder Wang Kai Kay tertiary" record industry final in the speeches of entrepreneurs in the dark horse contest by


in the past, I have a lot of identity tags, and now set the performance of a dual identity: to accompany the growth of the two daughters of the father of the Internet era of a new venture.

a lot of people starting from the media, are hoping to do a small and beautiful, but I want to enlarge the media attributes, brand community vertically extended to the industry, so its potential is unlimited.

The final goal is to open up the

story, get through the whole industry chain, so that the mobile Internet grew up Disney.

in March 14, 2013, it was the day of my birthday, I decided to resign. October 1, 2013, Kay uncle storytelling public account was formally established. In this process, my biggest influence is my two daughters, especially the boss, she is "eating story", every day at least three or four, at that time, I buy a lot of books from the Internet, with wholesale like to buy a box to come back, but a month is exhausted every day, at that time, I read a lot of books, read a lot of stories.

in the process of buying books, I found that in general I think she would like, she may not always like. Only when I tell her the story, I can feel her emotions, attention to follow the plot, also know her true love. I tell my daughter a story every day. When I was on a business trip, I was able to record her, so that she could listen to me when I left. Later, I put these recordings in the parent group in the kindergarten. So, I put in the micro-blog, I did not expect that each story has been forwarded hundreds of times. So, I built a Kay uncle storytelling, the WeChat public account, and occasionally send a story, the response is not bad.

The beginning of an

, I didn’t take this too seriously, WeChat, only think through every day to tell the story, your happiness is more and more strong, can’t help began to focus on this above, the beginning of this year, just put it back. Since April this year, I have invested a lot of enthusiasm and energy in this public account. Now, the story monthly users Kai TERT average growth of 37%, the latest data is a total of more than 126 thousand users.

coax Morpheus: a "WeChat public account as a product in" Kai TERT stories "the products have grown up with the Internet thinking constantly infiltration, and users in communication products, rapid completion of the iterative upgrade, to achieve in the future customized service. Before I do, "said the Celtics" on Youku broadcast, in order to "

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