Some experience about the blog promotion


[2], a small raise: this should be a lot of people know and apply the method, but please be careful, don’t say a single large, don’t put all the trumpet together, only keeps a large, once the queen was blocked, you miserable. I should be included under the premise of small blog raised the proportion is 3:1-5:1 better.

[1], updated regularly: through my nearly done dozens of blogging experience found that when a blog continuously and regularly update, it is very good, but once the long-term not update, or when no update rules, included soon stopped, this time to once again included, need to spend a lot of effort and time, I think this is certainly with empathy.

[1], the. This is a very important part in the blog content. Firstly, to all the original is the best, the second is the diversification on the anchor text (anchor text strategy for the station only, outside the station, the contents of the article (diversification) and improve the user experience).

Select the

[2], friends of the chain. Including the target links and friendship blog links. For the former, certainly hope that the user can enter the blog Links to visit the site. In addition, many bloggers can customize the module, it is recommended that you will Links (URL, Shangwutong >



2, the maintenance of

maintains a good blog, must do a lot, I think there are two important aspects:


blog promotion skills like the article, may we not only see more, seems to write write out, but I still think we re share some of his experiences, I hope to give you some help.

said this, many people may think that is certainly the mainstream blog, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, blog and so on, in fact is not true, the blog on the Internet, as many as hundreds of species, one of the more active at least tens of ten, so in the choice of the mainstream blog at the same time, don’t forget have a choice of other enterprises, such as blog, with dispatch, Zhongjin blog, and through a period of operation, you will find that included these blogs and ranking is also very good, but some mainstream blog it is not to be included, such as NetEase, Sohu included rarely, not even close.

as micro-blog turned out, it’s timely, convenient and has the advantages of fast number immediately attracted the attention of countless people, including government departments have to conform to the needs of the times, have registered their official micro-blog. But as the predecessor of micro-blog blog is really outdated? Of course not! Believe that network marketing should be very clear, because micro-blog update too fast, and no long-term stability in the blog. So, the blog promotion will continue.

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