Pro do a real Shanghai dragon Er are you ready

from planning a web site from the line to do keywords have a good ranking, will experience a long time. Even if the keywords ranking up, may also be because of a series of uncertain factors, will fall. This requires as a Shanghai dragon Er needs to have a strong executive ability and calm attitude. Shanghai dragon Er pre destined to be a hard process, like the small, if you just want to casually succeed, then you can be searched directly. The blog I believe we all know, 7 years and more than 4000 original articles, this is what level of execution, suffering the boring process so you ready? You ready?

three: to have a certain ability of

decide when a glorious Shanghai dragon webmaster to join the ranks of the ER, the decision must be calm down. After the line from its website after the U.S. camel official website, domain name resolution, binding, program modification and update daily writing articles, send the chain, join the webmaster of the exchange of learning, a series of hard work made me sigh: Shanghai dragon threshold really low? If you want to become a real the Shanghai Dragon Er, professional Shanghai dragon Er, we have to go and prepare to implement the details of what? The following eight points are small according to their own experience through a process from the site to start the Shanghai dragon summary experience, hope to will soon step into the ranks of owners or have struggled to bring some thinking and help in Shanghai dragon line Comrades.

: to have marketing thinking

website construction

has a certain website construction ability, is to do stand ready. Do Shanghai dragon Er, no website, what a joke! And do this station Shanghai dragon er the two are mutually exist, so you want to know a certain site knowledge, understand the basic HTML language, understand asP, PHP, JSP in a dynamic language, understand the domain name database, understand, understand the virtual host read the code. Some of my friends also said, can be a BSP type of blog, ask, Mou Changqing, Lu.

Since the

pro, do a real Shanghai dragon Er are you ready? Whether or not you are Shanghai dragon Er, first Sikao; whether or not you are a bitter Shanghai dragon Er, it is the hard truth.

two: have strong executive force and calm state of mind

whether you are advertising alliance CPA or Taobao CPS customers, the final purpose is to make money marketing. Shanghai dragon is a branch of network marketing SEM. Shanghai dragon is the means, the purpose of marketing is to, as a Shanghai dragon Er, need to stand on the view of marketing planning of Shanghai dragon, this marketing thinking must be run through the whole process of Shanghai dragon. Even if you do after the Shanghai dragon Er, such thinking is very important for you, the only kind of Shanghai dragon why founding people like the well-known, to do the training.

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