Sunspots why there will always be these leftovers to speculation to the Shanghai Dragon

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chain. So do the Shanghai dragon than general update website to do part of the work is the chain. After knowing this principle, we do not need to see something similar to the role of the chain like the article, whether analysis again brilliant, still principle is that we want to do, only do have an effect, see more no effect.

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four: a ranking of

in process of construction site, Shanghai dragon in a creative ideas just through them, there is no need to learn every day to study every day, if you really have the energy as the word of what they can give users what to bring, what new profit model. In the process of website construction, we only need to follow some simple principle (which can guide the search engine optimization, a lot of love from Shanghai) from the user point of view, nature can build a search engine and love Shanghai love website. There are many kinds of search engine stand in mind, don’t let your station set up in order to search engine, it can identify you, can really identify.

recently did not write the article, the first is not too much time second is really not much dry cargo sharing. A5 on the front page of various soft paper has been read, but now we have found that sunspots slowly deviate from the true meaning to write text. Some people write only in order to increase the chain, improve the weight, but it is common to reprint links, in addition to several sites contribute source, increase the chain is not too much. Some people write soft article is to enhance their visibility, so the need for high frequency soft creation, this is the natural result of chewing cold leftovers, is not able to give readers what really bring some significance.

three: the leftovers on the construction site of


as a good Shanghai dragon, the execution is always put in the first place. In this context we go to learn some basic skills, Shanghai Longfeng is enough to complete the general, unless you are a large portal of Shanghai Longfeng director of operations, so you need more advanced technology in Shanghai dragon.

on the web content articles suggest that you need not look, early in the site to increase the original can, and then keep stable update every day, the general site updated daily two or three article can. If it is not the original false original, pseudo original method on speculation to speculation that several, change the title, the first paragraph of the tail section generated, middle minor modifications.

two: the chain

can really realize the essence of the rankings would get to see some of the rankings, many articles about ranking does not belong to the case, has broad significance. Want to do a good job ranking, or several elements above the combination of website user centric, publish content to web site theme, the chain is released by the same type as the center. Doing the work.

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