n Shanghai love right down and Solutions

can be used to love Shanghai domain checks to see if there is a relatively large fluctuations, thus causing the site to drop right; can also take a look at the chain "with Google webmaster tools to check

No. 26 Shanghai love every month there will be a big update, the webmaster mixed, small station unfortunately, page ranking is down, it is called right down, following small according to my station to detail the love Shanghai down the right and how to solve it.

check the site log, see the spider crawling status code returned is correct, if there is a large number of error return code is the problem space due to love Shanghai right down;

, for the station, we can according to the following several aspects to examine

1) examine the recent changes to


so, how to solve the targeted love Shanghai right down the problem? I think it is nothing more than 2 aspects, one is the station, is a station.


;The construction of the chain server space

as a webmaster, every morning the first thing is not the toilet is not to wear clothes, but to see the baidu rankings and included on their own interests, for the webmaster, it has become a required course, but love does not give Shanghai diligent webmaster will make some special view, from time to time big moves, site drop right, is a very painful thing.

1) Links


carefully check the recent one week or even a month since the website has not done what adjustment, general webmaster changes website will record, this is relatively easy to check, or change the title structure in large scale, excessive optimization are likely to cause the site to drop right

for the right down, I think the webmaster, the first not to rush to blame the search engine how, only to calm the mood and the right attitude to admit the fact method, after all, ranking fluctuation is a normal thing, love Shanghai update algorithm is also common but is, we only have to calm down, carefully thinking, targeted, an antidote against the disease is the key to solving the right down to the


to check the contents of the original content, proportion of how much, love Shanghai included normal, included last week, snapshot of the home page, if it is a large collection of repeated high similarity website is likely to be sentenced to dump in the sea right down;

can check whether the normal external Links, many webmaster tools can check this link, Xiaobian that usually have to adhere to the inspection, in order to avoid long-term exchange links with search engines do not behave well site which was implicated in

, two for standing outside, we can according to the following aspects: to check the

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