New optimization strategy analysis under the WEB3 0 Era

first of all, from the perspective of love Shanghai algorithm, Shanghai natural love and hope to obtain more fresh content, so as to provide better services for the majority of users. I love Shanghai will still focus on the content quality control algorithm in 3 times. That is to say when the new website, the construction must pay attention to the content, this is the best way to attract love Shanghai, love Shanghai can also let spider to your site every day the core content of the positive charge. The contents of the creation, can’t simply follow the original principle, but the original quality and to help users close together. Where you want to help as the core of the user, for example, through their own finishing, allowing users to use good information you make, also have a good reference value to the content.

with the development of Internet technology, has now entered into the Web3.0 era of information technology, which is the so-called personalized and precise and intelligent era, to the website and the user in this technology under the background of more interaction, but also can provide intelligent services quickly and effectively, to reduce the time users have no value on the site, so that they are better able to obtain the user’s favor.

. Because love is the Shanghai algorithm to crawl the website based on URL address, so if your site URL address is dynamic, only the user clicks will form URL address ", then love Shanghai spiders are not able to grab this page, because the love of Shanghai.

then due to the love of spiders in Shanghai is to traverse the Internet based on URL path, from the current algorithm, even in the Web3.0 era, the URL algorithm also has a very important role. In this algorithm background, only the new site link URL more on the Internet, and these links in the authority of the relatively high site, will effectively stimulate the spider to your site, so as to have the opportunity to grab your content. So when the new website, the first thing is to love Shanghai immediately submitted his URL address, and then vigorously to other websites or web site weight brand chain, so as to stimulate the spider love Shanghai.

usually optimized site is mainly from two aspects of content and the chain to begin, so in the Web3.0 era, whether the optimization principle will change? The author thinks that the content and the chain will still play a role, but also in Shanghai love algorithm weights, still occupy a high position. Because of this and the content and the chain of user experience will obviously affect are closely related.

in the Web3.0 era, site use and love Shanghai search algorithm start with a high degree of coincidence, that is to say if you want to run a website, you must have a good optimization, but also has a good user experience, both of which will only be made one can make do, increasing the weight of the website, the fastest time to make your website profit.

The last is to optimize the structure of the website

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