Love Shanghai adjust mobile search ranking algorithm to improve APP ranking results

for mobile search ranking algorithm to adjust, love Shanghai said, on the one hand the mobile user experience needs to improve, on the other hand, in order to encourage mobile phone and mobile phone APP page, enhance the terminal adaptation and page conversion ability.

at present, love Shanghai for the site to provide "both mobile phone and PC stations, only the mobile phone station, PC station is only" three kinds of optimization to help. Site owners can login page love Shanghai wireless (贵族宝贝) related settings.

love Shanghai relevant responsible person said, at present, using a mobile phone to visit the PC site to get the best browsing experience, after the adjustment and optimization of the page, the user will see more adapt to the mobile phone screen, simple search page.

technology news April 11th morning news, love Shanghai announced the start of the mobile search ranking algorithm to adjust and optimize the webmaster web site operators to encourage mobile phone page, at the same time, the new rules will also enhance the mobile phone APP ranking.


"love Shanghai" encourage instant use "into the mobile phone APP results in the mobile web search results, and help developers sort algorithm on the APP do the corresponding optimization." The responsible person said, developers only need to submit to the mobile phone APP love Shanghai open platform for mobile applications (developer.baidu贵族宝贝), love Shanghai according to the current user use mobile phone platform to complete the automatic adaptation. (Irwin)

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