On the network Shanghai Longfeng personnel allocation

then, is to ensure the orderly. Shanghai Longfeng work order is very important, but many people have to ignore the problem. For example, the structure of each web site keywords and the station must first determine, can according to the key words to write articles and send the chain. When you go to the hair of the chain, so you do not think to change keywords, you will find a lot of work in front of you do is meaningless, it is taboo. Then is the condemnation, the first step you have determined each person to be good at something, you can arrange for them to responsible for that one, the chain of the chain, write articles, do structure. Here to remind a bit: the number of the chain and articles of each site are determined in the second step, can let them go and write. Many times we do not go on website ranking is not because you do not work hard, but you are in the wrong direction. When the number of your web site is enough, you still silly to write, don’t you think it is a waste of time? Before saying "

is a network company often need to optimize the site there are dozens or even hundreds of professional, and do optimization personnel often do not exceed ten, such a calculation, that is to say the average person has a 7-8 website optimization, many Internet companies are the site is divided into several groups, and each person is responsible for what the station, in fact, this division of labor, the effect is not ideal, the human is limited after all, how will the personnel of any effective allocation? The author with a professional engaged in the work of 5 years old Shanghai dragon and share with you how I was assigned.

secondly, determine the site. "Content is king, the chain for emperor" era has passed, now the site did not send the chain, get some pseudo original can go up time. Many of the web site outside the chain and far more than the opponent is not on the home page, parked there during the first half of the year, never stop the hair of the chain and content, then the author directly asked them to stop the chain and content, do a little a bit to adjust the site directly on the first page. The following figure

first, I will determine the characteristics of each person. As a girl at the article, I will complete the contents of this website to her, a comparison program, I will let him do the structure of the station, not to send the chain. Will everyone at first determine after the start of the website can be a division of labor.

most of the time, the chain and content for Shanghai Longfeng work, only is a very important part, but not all. When you see your site to do a lot of work, but the ranking is still not to go, to be good at looking for the reason. Of course, the reason is not an excuse, it is a necessary skill to guide the direction of the Shanghai dragon. Through a variety of data analysis, this website criticized where it and then make a site plan. If you this website is because the content is too small; the key to update the article, if the chain is too small, the hair of the chain; the chain is not the quality of the chain to search for high quality platform.

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