Three squirrels to open the 100 line shop brand P how to play


] January 31st news billion state power network, three squirrels in last year has opened three line store experience, originally scheduled to open in the years before Nantong shop is delayed the opening time. It is reported that this Internet snack brand in this year’s goal is to open 100 stores under the line experience.

it is understood that in September 20, 2016, three squirrels first line feeding store opened in Anhui Wuhu, the opening of the first month sales reached 2 million 400 thousand; in December 23, 2016, the second line shop opened in Bengbu, opened the day’s traffic reached 1.3W, three days before the sales reached 370 thousand; in January 18, 2017, the third line shop opened in Suzhou; the fourth line shop located in Nantong, had expected to open in January 25th, will now be pushed to the year after the opening time.


three squirrel founder Zhang Liaoyuan has revealed that the three squirrels feeding store gross profit is about 41.3%, efficient store more than 2.5 times of peers. At present, three squirrels line shop in addition to selling snacks, also sell brand related derivatives, including nuts snacks is the same price paid online and hereinafter, derivatives including squirrel doll, pillow and other peripheral products.

in addition to the online store sales of peripheral products, the three squirrels in the fresh field has also made an attempt, before the shelves of the squirrel cloud fresh orange products, the product has been off the shelf. In addition, there is news that three squirrels will soon be on line toothpaste products. From these actions can be seen, three squirrels have been testing their own brand IP effect. Previously, Zhang Liaoyuan also said publicly that shape of IP brand, is one of the most important three squirrels in the past 5 years and do things, strong IP and a number of important plans across the industry is three squirrels in the next five years.

for three squirrels efforts to promote the brand IP, insiders believe that the three squirrels in the Internet brand to create a different gameplay. It uses a very adorable image, the brand personality, and promote the development of the brand. The user’s acceptance of the three squirrels, it is precisely because of its differentiation. Today, the user’s acceptance of three squirrels may not just stay at the product level. However, do snacks and do toothpaste is completely different from the two industries, the three squirrels are not Mickey mouse". As a snack industry from the start of the enterprise, three squirrels in the future can not do IP, or need time to test.

billion state power network to understand, in January 11th of this year, three squirrels announced the 2016 turnover reached 5 billion 500 million yuan, net profit of 263 million (Unaudited), with 3100 employees, 40 million users, storage area of over 350 thousand square meters. In 2016 11 double the same day, the total sales of the entire channel of three squirrels up to $508 million, ranked first in the Tmall double food category 11.


] January 31st news billion state power network, three squirrels have been "in the last year

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