Site title settings need to pay attention to what Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

1. the main keyword mining long tail

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, the title is the most dominant position, but do not do the title of the party, the title is the content of the theme, so the content must be around to write in the meaning of the title, so as to ensure the quality of work is meaningful.

optimization techniques of the title, as it is to understand the search engine crawling habits and Internet search habits, we have the following simple analysis.

2. key words, must advance


summarize: Site Title settings need to pay attention to what Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

search habits of Internet users is the key to optimization, because the more you know about Internet users or user search habits, you edit the Title Optimization success index is higher, to understand the user’s search habits you can have the purpose to do long tail optimization, can avoid the edge easily obtain accurate traffic, if you do not understand this, but blind to do some of the popular search words, but the weight of your site is not high, you can not get good rankings, write again good all the work is a waste of time, might also help others do, others copy your article, ranking will go up. So learn to analyze the user search habits are very important for

4. words in the title the best control in 30 characters, including punctuation marks

search engines crawl habit can see through the search page data, such as "Shanghai love underwear brand:

marked in red are our search keywords, pay attention to what we are saying is not "promotion", we can see that the marked red font in the title of the show are 2~3, and the standard red font in the title of the position is quite early, so we come to the conclusion that in the design of the main keyword in the title, we must advance, a mark two keyword best title words, no more than 30 Chinese characters.

6. will link with the symbol "_" and "|" space,

3. a proper title two key words

5. Title: the main keywords and long tail formula + marketing + brand +

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Shanghai Longfeng optimize title is the focus of the optimization is to understand the industry, know your product, understand your users, through the understanding and analysis to find a breakthrough, is to dig out the main keyword and the corresponding matching of the long tail word. Title Optimization we usually say so, is the analysis and mining keywords, long tail word, find popular and unpopular keywords, then write a sentence in words.

As for


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