Shenyang Shanghai Longfeng boiling point Shanghai dragon told her a week of work process

On Monday, On Wednesday,

for a week, so we have to be content very much, I will first observe the site visits within a week and the change of the rankings, occasionally look at the access to these antecedents, the main work is on the dynamic website within a week there is a master, then open the keywords to start finishing a week whether Google or love, Shanghai I will record, record them from which the search engine, the number of searches, and from which area.


if you want to surpass competitors you need to understand them, I will find a same size and strength with me almost better than me and the optimization of some of the sites and industry analysis, process analysis, the first is comparison, see included the chain and articles from the number and then observe what are the characteristics of web site structure or what is creative in different places, and then look at the text inside the station form is more connected between the article and the article, or directly to the text more key, then the analysis of key distribution, location, quantity, form. Outside the station main source some of the chain, whether it is in the big door hair soft, or some classified information and forum signature.

On Tuesday,

for the website optimization technology we have a better understanding of the Internet, it has so many articles and tutorials, I mentioned is to do in the process. It is also a very important part of the site for the middle ranking and enterprises not only have good traffic, and bring benefit and conversion rate.

I am a Shenyang Shanghai dragon Er, learning Shanghai dragon is close to half a year, greatly small website ranking I have done, in which also found a lot of problems have also been a lot of fun, but the industry has become more and more difficult, the ranking has become one of the standard of a good review site, optimization lost the core important, remember once a friend saw in the group asked how to make Shanghai Longfeng problems, a lot of people, the chain, the answer is static, the structure of the station, listening to a daze, rarely can meet analysis knowledge of the people, then share my experience to optimize your website experience.

because the competition is not too big so I work a little less, occasionally to chat Monday organize content today we will begin to use the article, we understand, but also have value in the research of an article several people, how many articles are for people and how much is to search engine, user experience completely disappeared in the optimization and competitive keywords, high quality articles will reflect the value of love in Shanghai, and will not be so fast to be deleted. So I will put through the search to find the website keyword records, and then to the high word search volume as the core to write an article to meet the needs of different people so the title must be creative, so we don’t have to worry about the problem of updating, and high quality articles also meet user experience.

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