Pseudo original can support your website go far


in the pseudo original love Shanghai encyclopedia, said method and pseudo original level:

will decide on what path to follow?

[two] 2. intermediate goods, modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of the paragraph or text, or synonyms;

3. [a] senior product, modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of the paragraph or text, adding other manuscript information rich content of manuscript;

that said, do not underestimate the search engine "IQ", do not underestimate the search engine’s intelligence, in fact is not underestimate the search engine development team iq. So don’t expect the acquisition to do stand, that time has passed. The "pseudo original era" and


4. ultimate, joined the station related presentation information in a high level on the basis of with pictures.

1. [three] primary, just modify the title, the spelling of

and ultimate pseudo original, in fact, has been close to the original, we write some papers is not done? To determine the title, arguments, and then find some related articles, to a mosaic, finally is your thesis. No one says writing can not be referenced, otherwise, the end of the thesis, but also marked references.

webmaster know, often see on the Internet, said the website of the "content is king, the chain for emperor", that is the content of the web site with the chain is very important. Today we let alone the chain, only said.

whenever a love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, the webmaster panicked once, if in a rush, the weight of the website ranking, and flow can restore some good, some owners even confused, the website is still K. The station every day to try to figure out the love of Shanghai, for fear of accidentally, and was in love with the sea K, really poor webmaster heart ah.

is often seen in the forum, some new Adsense said, the site has been K, included drop, the original included more than N, now only a few, even seriously included only one page. My personal website also experienced such a situation, to open a new station, after the promotion of love, included Shanghai soared over a period of time, included drop, after collected and long, then decreased. My personal website, I know the reason: the new collection repeatedly in order to enrich the content, of course, not to have their own collection; the characteristic of the website, but also have their own original content; in order to save energy, there is a pseudo original. Shanghai love a start included almost all articles on my website, over a period of time, the acquisition of the articles included in the (and disappeared from the inferior part of the pseudo original), of course, original content all is still, this is the website included a reason for the decline, with the original, pseudo original content update, included began to rise again, over a period of time, part of the pseudo original content and disappear from the collection in. As long as the website also included update, so zigzag changes rise.

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