Shanghai Longfeng ranking skills how to participate in the ranking of the secret key is

The specific method is: we have

Shanghai dragon ranking skill a lot, but as the saying goes, the enemy awareness, we do Shanghai Longfeng, should first understand what is involved in the keyword ranking.

? ranked Shanghai dragon skills

said a link to vote it, many of my friends do not know what meaning, actually link voting is equivalent to the anchor text, other pages give you a link anchor text is equivalent to a voting score.

second: the spider is how to judge you a page is a keyword for this


third: how to highlight the page keyword

user value, ranking will not say. But the content here refers not to spam, not the contents of the Copy content in the fine is not much, but also

today is mainly about Shanghai dragon ranking techniques, secret keyword is how to participate in the rankings, the simple point is to let everyone know why this is a key to your website ranking, or will participate in the ranking;

first, I do not deny that Shanghai is dragon content and the chain (the chain now canceled, another matter); why? The content of the website is the core of the website, not content to your website value? Good?


keywords in the page TDK tag (TDK: the title, description and Keywords tag), and then in the article page keywords appear several times optimization ok. < >

‘s home page weight is relatively high, so we usually used to optimize the target keywords, column page and the article page long tail keywords optimization.

well into today’s topic: Shanghai dragon ranking techniques, secret keyword is how to participate in the ranking; I will from three points to explain the Shanghai dragon ranking skills, let everyone know how to participate in the ranking of keywords.

: the first in rank is a page, the website is not a website;

novice friends still think in ranking is the site, now you have to correct this error, in ranking refers to a page on your website;

love Shanghai spiders mainly judge you a page corresponding to a keyword which is based on: the page title, page keywords and description tags, the page content is not related to the link and voting score;

many friends know how to participate in the page ranking, but do not know how to operate; it is actually very simple, we only need to love the Shanghai spiders judgment method to the operation of the page keywords no problem.


so that there is no content of the site is not to show Shanghai Longfeng content optimization.

generally other article long tail keywords article pages only need your site to link to the (within the chain, optimization) do not need to send the chain.

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