Rose Shanghai dragon necessary to optimize three qualities

There are many examples of this

Beijing Shanghai dragon recently have been thinking about a problem: a good Shanghai dragon, a good webmaster should have what kind of quality? This is a lot of people want to know, want to make up for their lack of possible problems. Some people would say that the owners need execution, some say Shanghai needs good dragon technology, some said need good accumulation of resources, some might say need strategy and thinking strong, but these are very abstract, such as execution in that, all know is very important, but the real to do when a few people can persist, even if some people insist on can be very painful in situ wandering, and good progress; Shanghai Dragon Technology webmaster sometimes because they are not confident but can not play their own understanding of the technology, I contacted some of this station, he because of their own environment such concerns, so in the face of choice and use are not going to try.

analysis. Many friends will ignore this, but the Shanghai dragon Hot Blog, they are absolutely of such a master, master ZAC, Lu Songsong, fat, Wang Kejiang and so on, if you can see the familiar words, their words, can let you feel the real thing, analysis very thorough.

2, 1, the ability to edit

, I want to say is that we will go more in-depth mining webmaster need quality, you will find all sorts of said as they make up their minds to the fact he can do, but some I really can not do, this is the gift. Don’t say that talent is not important, work is the most important, in fact some people are born to do Shanghai dragon, because they have talent. The following simple about yourself for Shanghai Longfeng necessary to optimize three qualities.

3, executive ability. Many people will see this very strange, because when it comes to the executive power in front of me, and they have a negative opinion, but there is a difference, the execution is not simple to do, continue to do, what I say is using the least time to do the most effective things, a long stand is a must want to know. For example, some owners think that use blog the chain not what effect, but does not know that blog is quite awesome optimization, many webmaster have hundreds or even thousands of blog, every blog is a good start to link weight, absolutely awesome, pre investment, will definitely have very late good harvest.

the first rose blog: 贵族宝贝ww>

. A qualified Shanghai dragon we need to be the editor of the website, at least we need to know how to do false original, you can look at the site is taken by the news content to win, a good text is the ultimate weapon for winning the. So you can see who is good at writing will do very well, said it is good at communication must be able to know more friends.


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