Shanghai dragon play is a kind of innovation

increase the site outside the chain, we are small webmaster to do every day, because the chain is one of the most important factors for the quality assessment for web search engine. Including your website PR value, love Shanghai weights and so on related information of Shanghai dragon.

here, do not advocate those who use tools made out of "pseudo original". In this way a few years ago, but now it has gradually quit the stage in. Because the site is now almost 60% to 70% are doing, the flood situation has emerged. A short period of time, the snapshot may be able to stable, but for a long time will be search engine punishment. As we often say that sentence: often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes.


the following key about my understanding of "chain innovation" road.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" topic, we’ve talked about thousands of times, and today about Shanghai Longfeng innovation, we must also get around this aspects. After all, the basic content of the website is the Shanghai dragon, imagine a project even if the foundation are not good, RE development and re creation of what was in it.

so, I advocate "innovation", is to adhere to the original, even if it is not related to the theme of the site and write a little article, even three days written an article, also do not go to collect network false original articles. The content of innovation, the original king.

first, we look at the content of the web site. Here we don’t talk about the site as a whole structure, only talk about the importance of content. We all know what search engine the most original love, but as a personal webmaster, if your writing ability is very strong, every day a original is enough. I like the site of Zhengzhou Shanghai Dragon (www.xiaolong520贵族宝贝), although it is not a good ranking, but every day I have to write an original article, if not related to the theme of the site.

innovation, love Shanghai encyclopedia explanation is a conceptual process with new thinking, new inventions and new features described as. The focus here refers to the "new thinking", "new", and for the Shanghai dragon worker, is very important. So, to play Shanghai Longfeng, play is a kind of innovation.

network has a lot of the increase of the chain method, such as "soft writing", "signature forum" and "blog chain" and "Links", "website comments" and love Shanghai related products and so on, but these are the most basic.

of course, perhaps a friend will say, should revolve around their own web site keywords to start writing. But not every day can have new ideas, innovation this time should be said about the content of the web site. As the name implies, content innovation is nothing more than some did not appear in the article on the network. However, this "innovation" is a bit difficult, after all, as a grassroots webmaster US limited time.

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