Shanghai Longfeng orders five skills skillful use of astepping stone to success

2, using the fax system: some enterprises might be very busy, even the enterprise mailbox management by network responsible person to operate, so the fax effect will be more direct, with the message, to avoid multiple.

may achieve our first.

3, a classic case shows: say "do a case showing a verbal statement without any proof", let the customer know more of Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, what good is the case we impress clients, we must do a good job.

astepping-stone to success

two, make good use of your astepping-stone to success

2, the

1, a brief introduction of Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon does not necessarily understand each enterprise, so we need a simple introduction, so that customers have a gradually understanding, if it is to understand Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, then at a glance.

, do a perfect enterprise introduction plan

4, the simple description of Internet market: the Internet market is mainly to stimulate customers to the network marketing consciousness, let customers recognize the Shanghai dragon is can achieve a multi win win means, show the advantages of Shanghai dragon from the cost input and feedback.


in order to skill when you gather the resources in the future, especially after the consolidation of the industry, so how clever and customer contact? Choose what kind of customers? This requires a certain amount of discretion, when you put in front of the four skills after reading the Foshan breeze team share how clever and the customer first intimate contact:

team philosophy: only the full introduction of the purpose of our team, the enterprise will understand our attitude to Shanghai dragon, and the importance of occupation of Shanghai dragon.

3, the phone tracking: after using the above two methods, we should be on the feedback information collation, including archives issued to the enterprises should be classified, so in order to statistics the results of feedback, a clear feedback is our customers, then those who do not have the customer feedback we can a telephone communication, communication mainly to consult our door mail and fax based, asked whether the customer received, check whether, if the customer did not even look at or have no time to watch, we need to remind customers to see, so as to widen the feedback effect, we can do data statistics in the way of door on.

1, using mail system: regardless of which enterprises will have mail, if you are the integration of industry data, so companies must have the email address, the case with web forms to the enterprise can not only increase site traffic, can achieve the first step and close contact, but here was a reminder not to repeat sending, knocking once is enough, to the psychological experience of customers, only interested in this talent will visit our web page, not interested will be dealt with as spam.

classification and customer feedback data

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