Shanghai Longfeng hospital website not bidding and profit of the starting point end point all

we all know, the private hospital is the main force in Shanghai for love; do not know why, I see Li Xuezhi "main force", just a vague thought of the blood and awards. In fact, indeed, love Shanghai bidding hospitals have experienced bleeding and awards. Smart hospital, method of bleeding edge summary bleeding reason and bloodless, smart hospital by rear liquidity, thus writing "tragic"

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on the Internet is in everyone’s life, every industry is imperceptibly army into the Internet, from the establishment of the site was originally as "appearance", to the later brand promotion, to today’s "sell the goods, sales service", it is increasingly clear the strategy.

if you are careful, you will find the keyword bidding service to help you selected half is meaningless, he gave you remind broad match is the most vulnerable to the waste of money, especially the popular keywords he gave you recommend, bring visitors is more, but the conversion rate is very low. The details must be caused by the hospital bidding specialist attention! Such as the three site the author Li Xuezhi assist Ningxia Tongji Hospital, Shanghai love each agent designated customer service will recommend a lot of keywords, the keywords high price, brought visitors or peer query data, either someone is curious, what is more similar to part of speech the meaning of the author, by far, Li Xuezhi had a few words, the word here is not written, it is the most Langyou love search words, it is this several can always bring a lot of people, ah, you say the details do not pay attention to, how much money

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with these enterprises and the webmaster cooperation, the author Li Xuezhi talked about most of the two words is "details"; then the details in the end there is no Li Xuezhi said so important? Here in private hospitals, for example, to talk about the details of the implementation of the maximum benefit on the basis of private hospitals.

strategy is clear, but the strategy is just the starting point for the development of the basic framework and just; really hit the tight encirclement, profit and the breakthrough point of the grand strategy is the specific operation! When it comes to the specific operation, this is not extended out the details! The details determine success or failure, details decide everything, to the private hospital, is the attention to detail to maximize the benefits of the sword in the Internet

you know, when in Shanghai private hospitals have sex bidding will have an internal professional bidding agency designated customer service guide love Shanghai, if not with details to the problem, you will feel this profession for customer service is a friend, if you want to take the details, you will find the professional not only for customer service is a friend – or a "enemy"

Li Xuezhi has helped many owners, businesses, and personal promotion optimize their website, a kind of machinery industry, delicacy class, real estate, recruitment of the class, sports class, B2B class, there are private hospitals, this article will talk about the class.


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