Luna chubby user conversion rate is low in common

short, Shanghai dragon more do not flow, but the conversion rate, more to do is the user experience and success rate, so that more Shanghai dragon er from this circle inside the bounce rate, make yourself more simple, more easily solve the problem of users, that also has the very big promotion for you. The first station network, by Luna chubby original, welcome to reprint, please do not delete the chain, thank you for your cooperation.

this is a lot of websites, especially to some large web site, that the site is better, but the reality is that the website shop is big enough, but the website traffic is up, the conversion rate is not high enough, did not reduce the number of benefits, in fact this station was the most important problem structure get too complicated. For example, some common financial stocks stand, especially the complex, and the webmaster if want to do better to refer to some Adsense nets or some other well-known news sites, so that the structure becomes simple point, of course, the most clear or 58, market information such as the type of more simple and clear, I believe users to use it more convenient.

client, or search engine spiders, hope to catch the latest news, the most attention provided to the user, and when you keep the update site though, but did not provide users with real-time best the most watched news, also can give users a good impression. To direct users to jump out.

Because both the

is not a long time to write the article, recently busy studying financial industry website, and these days several friends asked me why I came up, flow, but the conversion rate is not high, website bounce rate is very high, so the moon from here today chubby to share some of their own views, I hope a friend can give these suggestions, help you make the site conversion rate.

this is a Chinese stationmaster of a lot of lost, perhaps more is to rank, will get a lot of website articles, such as information, but largely ignore the feelings of the user, the user in the search for your stuff but need to click on the 3-4, and even more time to find, and foreign sites in this respect is very good, whether it is shopping, or video sites, or lending sites are able to open the 1-2 to find the user needed information, and this point will undoubtedly enhance the user experience, and improve the conversion rate, saves the user’s time, and attracted users.

many sites have been worried about the conversion rate is low, but the site is not timely updates, always rely on copy someone else’s article, which leads to even rose to the top five also cannot obtain the highest conversion rate.

is one of the reasons: complex structure, easy to stray.

two: no use value of old information.

three reasons: complexity, user loss.

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