What is the way to enhance the user experience

external factors:

the domain name of the website for the website itself is a name card, many users are from the domain name of the website you can see your site and what is the site. Love is like Shanghai, Taobao and other large web site, we see from the domain name will know that these site is to provide what services. It can also greatly enhance the user experience.


four, search engines do not know the contents of as little as possible to do

A lot of

more and more attention from the real start webmaster site user experience, search engine according to the latest trends, the user experience is the next few years, the main direction of Internet construction. Once deviated from the direction of the construction of the user experience, so our website optimization work will become difficult. So what is the way to enhance the user experience of the

, a website must have a unique page and structure, so that we can from the site get hundreds of millions of users of all ages, talent shows itself, once your site and the most basic site is not much difference, there is no innovation place, so your site and what can attract users to

some people say a lot of accumulation keywords will lead to the search engine right down. Here we want to introduce you do not stack keywords, but the construction of reasonable arrangement of key words. As long as no more than the upper limit of search engine, we then modify and reasonable distribution, then the site readable content is user favorite is behoove.

, a site face

internal factors: analysis of

some owners puzzled, what is the static page? In fact, design is very simple static pages. Do not say first search engine for dynamic pages is not very friendly, often called the dynamic web site database will cause the entire web page loading speed is reduced, thereby causing the user access speed reduction. Static pages you can well solve this problem.

? keyword four details website with the domain name space

search engine technology is still not identified, including: the basic elements of JS, FLASH, pictures and so on some sites, these elements to do less, so it can not only enhance the site visit.

two page to do, such as static sealing

three, the

for the website space, if a strong stability, high safety performance, the server will greatly enhance the safety degree and site access speed, and thus enhance the user of the site’s favor, increase the user experience of the website. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon ER or not seriously, still in the selection of some foreign space, but Xiaobian to tell you if we really want to do a site, or choose some domestic space business. If you do not have enough capital to choose the VPS server and then buy a double space still can.

The reasonable arrangement of

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