The website should be how to maximize profits

Second stages of

many webmaster in distress why websites can not generate profit, and website long time no return of a large number of investment funds. In fact, the main reason may be your site is not strong enough, but on the other hand, you may not really dig website profit point, not maximizing the profit, even themselves do not intend to let it bring the profit, so naturally won’t have what is considerable income. Remember that many websites do as seen sesame, crafts. Without a tiny bit of advertising, content of clean and tidy. Although the entire site feels very comfortable, but it doesn’t mean you can put the site bigger and stronger. Do the station is to make money, if you have no income, so only by constantly throwing money every day, is simply not up development.

, put some small advertising, CPA advertising alliance. Because the site is not to apply for early love such as Shanghai alliance, Google alliance advertising alliance. But put these small advertising words, generally have the virus, such as illegal advertising content is often happened. So many rich small owners will skip this link in website development to a certain size and then cast enlarged union advertising.

, is to choose some large advertising alliance, obtain high prices, relatively stable advertising revenue. But note that advertising is generally not pure love Shanghai more content, sometimes even will have some impact on the website. But advertising has many types, mention is also easier. Google ads for shielding the relatively better, some illegal sites are quite good, recently heard mention is also easier.

the third stage is to contact their own advertisers, advertisers or take the initiative to contact you. Now the basic portal, advertising fees in accordance with the monthly payment. The advantage is that the income is stable, not affected by the click price. High income, generally than to click on the ads about twice as high, but requires your website has a large scale of strength to do, otherwise the advertisers disdain to contact you.

The first stage is

web site to obtain the stability of income, and income will be gradually put into the development of the website. Such a virtuous cycle, sites can be gradually bigger, stronger. Now many sites take money, make money after the idea is right, and indeed there are many sites are developed. Such as Youku, many of the cool six video website, so far to make real profits. But if you do not try to excavate the site’s profit point, gradually to maximize profits, it is not the right way. Because the site began to be able to achieve a profit, not all hope. Must be in the maximum profit at the same time, a new way for the development of the website.

is the most commonly used, the website profit point, is advertising. In fact, advertising is divided into three stages:

Only the

in addition to advertising, for the portal site, you can also choose to release some.

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