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business class refers to the user has obvious purchase intention or purpose of action and search keywords such as "Le P." how much, "Encyclopedia corpus download package" and "second-hand SONY camera and · this kind of keywords is the focus of all the marketing website is the positioning of the key words, because these words by visiting the user will have a higher conversion rate, the user is to buy related products or accomplish something, if the user experience of the website, the purchase process and price positioning are quite good. This type of search flow t users will be the main users of the site selling products.

information, keywords used user looking for some information, this keyword was not to buy more, nor for the designated website. The number of this kind of search terms accounted for most of the total search terms, and most of the site to snatch a maximum flow type space.

optimization is the marketing website, whether large or medium-sized shopping guide website, electronic mall, or small business website, as long as you want to get the order most directly, then the transaction class words should be keywords you spend the energy and resources should be optimized. This kind of words in the selection, layout and allocation of resources optimization, are accompanied by the content of filling, to support, to compare the quality of content or, if only to do traffic flow, ranking difficult to obtain result, and can easily be search engine punishment.

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2, class of thingsKeywords

marketing website will be brought to the flow of the keywords, although the conversion rate of this kind of keywords to bring the user as transactional keywords, but also the potential for a lot of users to buy. These users are part of the user in the collection of target product information, compare and consider the purchase stage, marketing website after meet the needs of these users to target commodity information, guidance will get higher conversion rate. These words may not bring orders directly, but can make it relevant to the needs of users to remember website brand. After the user needs to buy, will give priority to the use of that brand site, so even if some information can not be directly to the site keywords to bring order, will also indirectly bring benefit to the site.

only by the Shanghai dragon get this part of the flow rate of the keywords is not enough, need to provide high quality website content and good guide copy, even can solve user problems related tools. Such recruitment websites can provide the calculation of personal income tax ", the use of more people, will also get a lot of target users. Can also be based on the type and content of the website access to optimize the information of keywords, such as Jingdong store goods review.

Keywords Guide and conversion of

in the user comments, Jingdong mall will have a brief summary of the comments.

3, informationKeywords

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