n the traditional enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng optimization two months brought 15 customers

website optimization, received the first customers to bring considerable income, in second after another came to the company’s customers around 15. During the two months without calculation, invited us to discuss customer. My web site optimization effect after two.

used on the other side of the Links name you want to use the best optimization.

after I returned home, he invited me to join his team, through the network promotion technology, to bring more customers, he issued preferential treatment, I joined his team.


The first month of

1: two active columns

on the first day of work, I first looked at the company’s official website, a web page is very simple, Shanghai dragon optimization do very poorly, in Shanghai love to search the company name, can not find the website homepage, do very poorly, is established by using ASP system, then I went to the company with. The system, re established a very conducive to the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon.

search engine, to Shanghai dragon optimization work to add a lot of difficulty, many in the Shanghai dragon optimization staff were forced to change jobs. Now the Shanghai dragon is not only a technical optimization work is more a mental labor, even writing test. Technology + the + = to Shanghai dragon, this is my definition of Shanghai dragon.

The frequent update of the I of Shanghai Longfeng high impact factors

in April this year to accept the Shanghai work, back home in Shandong, my hometown is Shandong, Caoxian, Caoxian is the largest wooden handicraft production base, there are a lot of enterprises in the local production of wooden crafts, wooden packing box like red wine are mostly from Shandong, Caoxian, a small I, he established a the production of wooden handicraft factory, the order is the main source of the Alibaba, annual output value of about 20 million or so good.

to optimize the company’s website mainly focus on two aspects, one is the content of two is Links; in the chain of auxiliary high quality, the main chain of the place I posted: watercress, Tencent Sina video comments, the article reviews, as well as major contributions from the media platform.

add two columns, one is news, another is the industry news column, the two column is to update the original article, let love Shanghai included more articles, attract more tourists. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is currently the best method is to update the original article, so the two column in the Shanghai dragon optimization plays a very important role.

optimization? What is the



Links plate must have, in which Shanghai Longfeng Links is still the first choice to consider, in exchange Links, he can’t exchange each other’s friendly degree of website activity and web search engine to consider.

for Shanghai dragon website

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