The reason of the seven web site is down right

update frequency. The web site is like the people to eat, if not in time to eat a meal or hungry for a full stomach, you will get. Some people are also before the web, timely updates, including frequency is very good, but that there is no problem, not update or updated a few days time, so your site will not rule, the search engine will not regularly come to visit our website, also cause the site to drop right. This symptom is included not increase, the snapshot has not updated. This search engine website has stopped, may lead to drop the right K.

every day we can see the webmaster friends shouting your website is down right in the home owners forum, I also have a few years engaged in website construction and promotion, and everyone else encountered during the night between many sites ranking lower, included reducing, flow reduction etc.. I personally think that the need to accumulate experience in these experience, analysis of their mistakes in the future, the website promotion will not make the same mistake. This website is more for their development. The following are the 7 factors on the personal website right down to my personal understanding, if you are in these 7 factors, in the promotion of the time to reconsider.

third factors: website content acquisition. Some people may not agree with this statement, we may see many examples of success, some sites collect or use the thief tools included many, many great flow, income. In fact, we see just one example, many successful are K off but you did not see, nor long stay. Especially the new website, if you collect will lead directly to the site to a halt. If the old site, the weight can, can use the collection and manual update cross. Remember, the acquisition is not a permanent solution, a good site is need to have their own ideas, their own content.

fourth factors: auto update website. We can see a lot of this kind of software, just use the can, into how much money, this is the so-called automatic blog or website. I used to such software or information to attract, also bought a software, the effect is there, but not so good publicity, I asked a friend, he told me the truth, if it is really so good, they don’t do their own, also sell software to do what. So the automatic updates to the site, careful operation, not even the capital did not earn back, will lead to similar automatic updates "

factors: the influence of the web site. Today a friend told me that his site is K off in love in Shanghai, I see his website information, keep updating, PR=3 every day, but also has more than 1000 external links. Web site is normal, but is now being K away It is without rhyme or reason. website, I see the cause, affirmation is the problem of space. Because of my other website through the webmaster tools to check with IP, 95% other sites are K out, today is a day to be punished. So it can be concluded that the site is completely, the problems caused by space.

The first Second factors:

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