How will the target keyword optimization to love Shanghai home


(2) site traffic data:


Through the

optimization to love home in Shanghai, we will involve a lot of work, including the analysis of product or industry market, competitor analysis, analysis of their own websites and resources, the target keywords competitiveness and the analysis of existing data and combined with the overall site optimization scheme for the best optimization skills. In this process, the above several aspects of the more detailed understanding of the more thorough analysis, more favorable to the target keywords optimization.


through observation and analysis of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the competition website data, such as domain age, record, with the IP website number; website optimization data, such as home page keyword matching, Title Keyword position, included, the chain, snapshots, links and other related websites; flow, keywords ranking. Through the analysis of listed several major competitors of the strengths and weaknesses, so that they can find out and optimize the direction of our own web site.



From the data in

(1) site data:

website traffic number >


analysis table which lists the top two pages of the website as Changzhou website optimization industry general situation, 5 other platforms two domain names, 15 top-level domain optimization station, and through observation, which is part of the website does not open, there are more than part of the website domain name expired; half did not update the content, content and quality of website the friendly degree is low; the two level domain page ranking part in poor correlation with lower page weight. Through the analysis we can see that a large number of competitors, but with strong competitiveness and not so much imagination, we have the opportunity to do on the target keywords love Shanghai home within the specified time.

website optimization website, see more IP website domain name age short, effective mass outside the chain of data is low, some can be found in a timely manner to solve the problem, by optimizing the operation of their own; some are unable to use objective data to the human operation change, need to make up through the optimization the closer competitors gap.

website monitoring tools, such as webmaster tools, love Shanghai tool webmaster tools

‘s own website optimization data analysis

website optimization can be seen as an industry, targeted keywords, can be used as a regional competition in the industry, can also be understood as the product of regional competition. But first of all we have to industry (products) market analysis.


Keywords /

tools / materials

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of


target market analysis

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