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if the "Medog foot Raiders" this trip, I do my best, to include all the details, others will not go to another site to find the same information. For a solution to the problem of the article, should also do so, be competitive. For travel articles, from the contents of the article, the significance of these two aspects to extract keywords, is what, what.


you should have to understand the importance of the title, simple words, lack can bring more different results, we usually watch the news or some network marketing related articles, the first is to look at the title, the title to attract people, with the temptation, even if very busy or not in the mood, but saw a draw the title is to look at the click of unwillingness, what. A content page title, can reflect the general content of this article, and will directly affect the user clicks and ranking in search engines, especially long tail keywords

content of the page title should be fully combined with the contents of the article, highlighting the key content, and there should be a certain density. Keywords Tibet travel set rules for the following format:


, the set of keywords:

Title summarizes the contents, which can make people see what is the specific contents of the information, the title will be able to understand the result, combined with the theme and title must be distinct, but not with the content of no relevance, otherwise readers do not know for a long time the contents of the theme, it is not in the mood to see the text. Remember, no matter the title or the beginning of the article, you only have 30 seconds to keep readers.

from the point of view of our memory of the law, the title of the article in 7 – 15 words is appropriate, although not a mandatory.

two, the title of the article:

keyword is very important, on the one hand, this is the addition of daily work, on the other hand, provides the material basis for the title and rewrite. The general principle is, should be familiar with the article, the article from the keyword extraction.

any article, for the understanding, should be the first time that the user may search through what keywords to read this article, this article can solve the user requirements, if not, should do any changes, such as increasing the articles which links will help to solve the problem. This is the only way to please the user, but also the best way to search engine.

writing, just fill in the content page Keywords: Title – content words, behind the set up procedures for automatic extraction of the keywords, keywords and lofty Title

content page title – content keywords – column page title – website keyword – site name

concise and to the point The

1. theme clear

specific title is determined to abide by the following principles:

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