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electricity providers, the updated prospectus shows that Mito is expected to launch the social e-commerce platform in the first half of 2017. At present, Mito has set up a team for the social e-commerce platform to attract brands, brands of official distributors and net red, and has hired additional research and development personnel of the e-commerce platform.

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after the United States figure is also trying through beauty camera test color function to some lipstick Tmall store diversion, pro test for self portraits in his own lipstick on a mobile phone, and the actual effect is different, the conversion rate is estimated to be so limited. Mito plans to use P tools to open up the idea of electricity providers is an attempt, but this involves the face recognition and other technical issues, and ultimately determine whether such gameplay can become a new business model.

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then how to do GG, make better use of it to bring you more income, I said with you today! Some people do think that GG put more advertising to make more money, in fact put GG advertising is wrong, that you are not in the GG company website content promotion. But mainly in the promotion of GG advertising.

is also in this month, the United States launched a plan aimed at young users of social software application in campus scene flash chat, mainly using flash chat "the note", graffiti, spoof classmates photos are bright features in the propaganda film. Social artifact like the original is the students that, for the next generation of social beauty, also in the pit, compared to Meitu Xiu Xiu and shot by age becomes a key beauty "harvest user beauties, the product logic has changed, you can manually add flash text will talk for you" ugly, but it is more important to become fun like Snapchat.

some people say that the picture station can not put ads, in fact, you can, some of the edge of the site is easy to seal the station, it is best to only put a few words of advertising or search ads, do not put in the price of advertising, you can


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Abstract: the question hanging over the head of the company in America has been: what do you think the tools are for? What’s the solution? With the IPO, the answer given by Mito is very clear.

in fact, we can do sh419, Chinese people do their own search advertising, revenue may be less, but very insurance. Now casually investigate, is not a lot of webmaster let GG seal, and we all talk about their views, communicate with each other, and no gun, you money all understand, all will enhance China’s economic development!

Mito listed in Hongkong at the beginning of December, if the listing is successful, will become the largest science and technology IPO Hongkong stock market in recent 10 years. With IPO, Mito layout for the future is also more clear, in addition to the United States shot live, Mito also shows the social and electricity supplier two major ambitions of business.

Mito is also in the prospectus to set a profit time, is expected from July 2016 onwards about 18 months that is, by the end of 2017 Mito will welcome

, to be exact, live cash. In June 2016, Mito began offering users with paid virtual gifts and expressions to promote better interaction between the rest of live anchors and short video producers. Accordingly, Mito believes that more users try and choose to buy virtual goods, there are huge opportunities for realization.

GG certainly not less, GG advertising IP source statistics, you all know where the traffic, so if traffic sources is not very regular stop advertising GG on the main page, try to put in the content page. After putting in a GG ad, a person doesn’t log on 2 accounts on a single machine. It’s best to enter an account once a day. Don’t click any ads on GG on the Internet. Don’t click your own ad.

in Mito recently updated prospectus, to achieve 1160% growth in the United States "beat value-added business" to become the latest bright spot.

network now that it’s maturing. But it is not without the possibility of making money. As GG is the first choice of income for each webmaster, does not affect its own flow, advertising formal, stable income, high prices, GG is the most attractive place!

company’s listing has moved closer. Reuters quoted sources familiar with the matter, said Mito may be listed in Hongkong as early as December 8th, the issue price of HK $8.5-9.6 per share, the company valued at $4 billion 500 million.

is not a big company, it is difficult to receive money, in the copyright issues related to the site, do not do nor receive money, GG is not involved in the copyright dispute inside the station. There are home pages, it is best not to put GG advertising, because the main page of the flow is mostly to search the station, do not do it, he gave traffic free of charge to you, he bought back at high prices, if you do not want to, right,

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