Easy Amoy E shop the next line of purchasing pioneer

recently, e-commerce industry broke the big news, is the famous Taobao launched a number of offline purchasing shop in Hangzhou communities: Yes! Amoy, not the Internet for many community residents to provide a more convenient online shopping service.

‘s move seems a bit upset, but think about it is also reasonable. Although online shopping has been carried out for many years, about 80 million of Internet users in the online shopping gradually entering the ranks, but due to lack of knowledge of the network and the safety concerns, the more understanding of network consumers limited. With the rapid development of the Internet industry, online shopping is bound to become more and more simple, so as to spread to a wider range of people. Seen in this light, the line is an inevitable trend of purchasing.

the author of the trend of the network is more concerned about, so see this news, then the inertia of Baidu and Google to search for more information. Only to find that in the three months before they have a website to put forward the concept of offline purchasing, and even more interesting is that the name of the company and Taobao Yi Amoy seems to have anything to do, and also from a e-commerce and paradise known as the Silicon Valley of Hangzhou, which makes the author also curious with even found the easy Amoy city official website, found that the company made easy Amoy E shop: concept to create home online shopping convenience store, with the launch of Taobao’s community line shopping with the different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

after careful comparison, the author found that easy Amoy E shop and Yes Amoy model is still very different. Yes! Amoy provides a more convenient recharge, payment, payments and other services; and easy Amoy E shop is provided and the daily lives of nearly all kinds of goods and services; is also very different, Yes! Is Amoy charge a purchasing service fee, and can provide easy Amoy E shop free online shopping service.

although there are differences in services, but for the people concerned, after all, will bring great convenience to life. The same as the forerunner of purchasing services under the line, here I wish them all the way, and to give consumers a better service


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