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you see the above message box, must fill out the real information, such as telephone, email etc.. Of course, the key is your site does not cheat. Is this personal site to solve. Do not know whether the article useful for you? The xiushentang website 贵族宝贝520jfei贵族宝贝/ reprint please retain the copyright.

person has a solution, that is after the login love Shanghai statistics, there is an official blog in the above statistics background, as shown below:

There is a

contact us directly to our situation to fill in the content of the message, generally in the 3-5 days, love Shanghai will not only give us a reply, but also to our site to release, which will be in love with site out of the sea.

a lot of people because of the need to optimize the new station, some data out in a certain period of time. Which included the number is a very simple really need data. But love Shanghai often has a so-called sandbox, lead us in the optimization of the site, the heart is very anxious. And now many new sites are the basic installation of statistics in the statistics of love Shanghai, love the sea index query we can see how much data is the index included, but was not released. People have encountered the same problem, then the problem how to solve


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