Love Shanghai launched outside the chain of tools that exist value chain

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said above is purely my personal point of view, does not mean it, everyone has everyone’s opinion, people think the chain is very effective, but the best mining chain weight high, don’t waste your time on the chain of low efficiency, little effect.

read many articles in the webmaster online said the chain is not more and more attention in the future may not effect any chain, high quality website content and good user experience can improve the value of the site. I think this is wrong, a lot of views can confirm the author’s personal point of view.


does not exist outside the chain, we can imagine a lot less of a large number of users and website content updates, especially the webmaster forum for this type of website, go to a website you will find a lot of advertising are posted, and most of the ads are posted outside the chain, like SNS, is also a large number of word-of-mouth advertising quiz as can be imagined, stickers, most websites rely on the chain to survive a great proportion.

article by Chinese brand franchise network original editor, please keep the link

industry? for the web site outside the chain to provide entranceThe spider crawling

October 30th love Shanghai issued a notice outside the chain of tools beta version of the line, and in November 22nd when the chain tool mobile phone version of open beta, invited a number of webmaster test. For the launch of love Shanghai tool, must have its value, Robin Li do not value things, even the boss confirmed the existence of the chain, we can not ignore these is the webmaster.

not only link to the site entrance, the chain is also attracted more spider, spider crawling entrance, can lead to more their own website, if the chain has no effect, why so many people to Shanghai dragon WHY technician

outside the chain of tools on line

if you want to just rely on the station to do BR/PR, it is very difficult, although the content is king, the emperor’s experience as a webmaster, but not outside the chain is fanciful. A high weight website or news sites have their own website of the chain, as a webmaster can imagine its value, otherwise why there are so many links to the transaction and pay the press release

1. love Shanghai

chain drive 3. high weight website weight

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