Huang Cong 5 ways to solve the high quality of the chain


4, outbound links less page

if you want to do is clothing website, so if you want to A pages to do outside the chain, and clothing related web pages to do outside the chain, such as B, C, D is the chain you do ", then the page and page needs is the same theme, only is the quality of the chain. For example, B "is the theme of how to describe selection of winter clothes, and C, D" is to describe the mower, then the chain was B page top to one hundred C, the D page of the chain.

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home is one of the most concentrated website weight place, if you can get the website home page link, then this link is also very good.

chain of time, only the chain size is big enough, in order to get enough weight. Outside the chain of a high quality the chain is worth one hundred inferior. So the quality of the chain is reflected in what areas? How are we going to do outside the chain of high quality? The high quality of the chain can be divided into the following.

correlation "

2, one-way link


is mobile phone website, then you can send an article on the "millet mobile phone" recent price changes and other related articles on the site, and then to the other mobile phone forum to send an article to attack this article, for example, you can write: "I read an article about the recent millet mobile phone the price of the news on the XX website today, the address is XXX, this is absolutely the hearsay, millet mobile phone now so fire, how could that drop it down?… ".. This article, this article, you send out, not only will not be ShanTie, and must take a link, and this link.

but does not mean that we cannot do it subtly, then you should write in Kung Fu, Huang Cong is below one case, teach you how to skillfully to join the link.

in front of 4 kinds of links, you need to find a good character, only the link is what we can control, so what is the link

on the premise of satisfying the correlation, if you can get one-way links to other web pages, then the link quality score is good. Is the quality of the link.

link?The anchor text link is recommended in the article

obviously, "distribution of outbound links less to the weight of each link on the page is more, therefore, you should try to link less" chain, instead of as can do signature of the forum to do outside the chain, so just perceptibly.

home page link

. This type of link is search engine love love links form, and we all know how many websites are very disgusted with the others published in your articles on the website with links.

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