Three factors affect traditional enterprises to test the water E commerce

e-commerce can now be said to like a rising sun, a well-known era is a matter of time. If you don’t know what is e-commerce, online shopping is no stranger to you? We are looking at the success of the experience that all successful, almost is to serve as "lazy"! Human nature, which is inert, everyone can not be avoided, but some people are able to overcome the people, and surrender to laziness! If you want to succeed in this, understand human habits is a must! So how traditional enterprises in e-commerce success in


first: market development factors


bottleneck in product marketing now many enterprises, difficult to break through the growth, the increasingly fierce market competition, a large number of enterprises born every day, there are a large number of enterprises want to disappear, then in such a market environment to survive, the enterprise must find their own way, we know that online shopping is not long now what new things, and there is no successful experience in a few of the guide, makes this kind of choice of the enterprise network promotion, for human computer dependence is increasing year by year, hope no families will be able to do things very numerous in admission, homeless network is one of your potential customers, so market factors test of electronic commerce form


second: their own factors

as you know, the traditional media is now shrinking, this is the market in the US are unable to refute the fact that, as we now some people think of the palmtop computer is not realistic, as Hagel said: there is a reasonable. The development of Internet advertising for traditional media advertising is no longer the scenery, and the two kind of advertising is a world of difference, cheap and effective online advertising for some lack of funds chain enterprises have to choose the channels, and found that the trend of the Internet is inevitable, so naturally chose


third: other external factors

The power of all

viral. As can be imagined a lot of traditional enterprises, once on the Internet have in mind, just select a channel, and when found, their business is reduced, but found his business to some unknown enterprise hands, trying to find the reason it is found that online shopping to blame, a lot of people in the network get benefits after full publicity, economics, a person’s back there are 250 friends, then this is the fission effect as can be imagined this viral spread, let the power of online shopping also reached to online shopping business managers have a cold ears, have launched e-commerce to try


from several factors above we can see that, no matter what the electronic commerce enterprises to test the water, it is for their own interests, for the re positioning of enterprise strategic and tactical considerations! Then your business and for what reason to join in this area? Is inevitable or accidental? Everything is to adhere to, you can stick to.

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