Alipay Google combination of third party payment integration trend

Alipay, Google and Alibaba

group recently announced that the two sides have reached a series of cooperation projects, among them, the most striking is the Google Chrome browser users will be able to use Alipay safe, convenient and seamless payment, and no longer pay limits.

The Alipay

and Google, the online payment provides the convenience for different browser users, will further break the bottleneck of e-commerce application. At the same time also means that the third party payment market competition to innovation services.

combination delineation of user

according to the cooperation plan, Google Chrome browser users will pay more secure online payment experience. For example, in the use of fast payment, users only need to enter the bank account and pay the password, without login online banking, and no payment limit. In addition, the Google Chrome browser will also increase cooperation with Alipay in terms of security. Obviously, the two sides will cooperate to achieve complementary advantages, to better enhance the user experience.


browser has become one of the most important software users of the Internet, Google announced that the Chrome browser has been rapid, easy to use and safety features since its launch, Chrome browser users has increased from 40 million to 120 million. Google said, Chrome is an open-source browser, any vendor can use its speed and security advantages, to create an environment conducive to innovation cycle, for the benefit of all network users.

Alipay advantage in the domestic market, coupled with the Google Chrome browser is a tiger with wings added. According to Analysys think tank data show that in 2010 Chinese Internet online payment market, Alipay 51.2% of the market share ranked half of the country. Alipay chief technology officer Li Jingming said that the Google Chrome browser has advantages in network security and related applications, cooperation between the two sides will help to provide users with more valuable services.

currently, the fierce competition for Internet users desktop, the importance of network applications has become increasingly prominent, therefore, cooperation between the browser and online payment becomes particularly important. Alipay browser, security vendors, Internet banking and other Internet partners, will undoubtedly continue to expand Alipay’s market competitive advantage.

payment market differentiation trend

2011 with the payment of licenses issued to bring the industry reshuffle, as well as the influx of new influx of Sheng Jin, NetEase treasure and other online payment market competition will become more intense. Since the third party payment license qualification list announced from the central bank last year, all parties in the previous contest infighting, more in the business field, and now more inclined to service.

in recent years, with the rapid expansion of online third party payment business, has been covering the business services, network transactions, utilities, broadband, mobile phone payment services and other public utilities payment of real estate transactions, etc.. Payment companies

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