Micro price user pricing social electricity supplier accelerate the arrival of the era of C2B

e-commerce market today, is absolutely the most intense place to fight with melee. This shows a multi model, multi platform parallel, multi domain, multi industry in-depth features. Ali B2C, C2C in one, as a pioneer in the industry continue to self B2C and Jingdong to stride forward singing militant songs; self logistics as the core, all-round expansion of online and offline; and more game player in each mode in various fields and vertical roots, hoping to explore a new way of future electricity supplier.

one of the most unique business model is the electricity supplier C2B model. The C2B model which about three way: take millet hunger marketing model, strictly grasp the needs of users, the formation of the pre-sale of supply chain; Ali launched a mass customization platform "poly custom" and attempted to meet the needs of users personalized long tail. If millet and Ali C2B business is relatively conservative, founder of the C2B electricity supplier price to the user micro mall pricing and social business models become the pioneer of the C2B business, bring down the authority of the business and user pricing era.

user pricing and social networking

and C2B electricity supplier model to go the farthest micro price is the world’s first consumer free bid as the core idea of the shopping site. In the micro price, commodity pricing decisions by the user, the selection of goods, write your wish (wish) price, inviting friends to help their own free price, the more friends to receive the more micro price subsidies. Micro price opened up a new social and shopping shopping experience model, the use of WeChat circle of friends real, strong communication, users and friends to share the surprise can get preferential, receive micro price subsidies. Micro price of this road is more advanced, has become the most unique and most forward-looking C2B model.

in the actual operation of the operation, the new price of the new price of the mall is superior to both the degree of preference or reputation effect. It can be said that the purchase of goods in the micro price is cheaper than the mall in any case in other online and offline platform, 128G version of iPhone6 for example, AppleStore is 6888 yuan, while the price of the micro mall is 6088 yuan, plus the buyer for friends to share the top price, the price will be reduced to lower.

micro mall has a unique pricing. If you want to buy the commodity price micro mall, just entered the "micro mall price" in the WeChat service number, click on the selected commodities "I offer" button, select the corresponding discount that WeChat can share to my circle of friends, invite friends to help themselves to commodity prices to a minimum. It is understood that the micro price of the top price activities on the line, has allowed hundreds of thousands of users with very low price to buy the right goods. Each round of activities are a top price of WeChat circle of friends Shuabing boom. Some users have even created 1 yuan to buy a iPhone6 miracle, because bids in the top price activity only WeChat to share with friends, invite friends only once the top price, price, no need to pay the price for cash, the micro bidder corresponding to the amount of subsidies, not only increase the lead to the official price; top users >

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