Tongue 2 with a million search traffic ahead of March electricity supplier

watermelon sauce

on the evening of May 9th, Tmall employees are on duty Shao Xiong found that watermelon sauce search began to soar. Taobao index, watermelon sauce seven days of search index rose by 124568.8%, compared with the same period last year rose by 96377.4%.

broadcast that evening on the tip of the tongue "China 2", the whole process of the Shandong Heze woman making Watermelon jam is introduced for about 5 minutes in length, "Watermelon jam" search surge is from the documentary.

with "2" hit the tip of the tongue, there are a number of programs mentioned in the product as "blast", Tmall, I bought the network, original life electricity supplier to join this competition for consumers of the war, the electricity supplier behind sellers, buyers, is the fierce competition in the supply side.

for the electricity supplier, which is a new way of promotion, Ali Institute of senior experts Chen Liang will be summarized as F2O (Focus To Online), the marketing community called the proximity marketing". Prior to the hot search friends from the stars you with the clothing, there are similar characteristics.

before the site is to organize the source of goods, and then through the promotion to sell, in the future we hope to be able to cooperate with more TV, movies, programs in the product, on the site to buy." Tmall food relevant responsible person said, in fact, this is a new media for the influence of the traditional media a re recognition, and for the program producers, this may mean a new business model.

million electricity supplier to stimulate the flow of big hit tongue brand

Each set of

before the broadcast, Tmall food a week in advance to get the ingredients list, recipes and video clips, then to the Tmall platform, the "investment", many businesses related products will be pushed to the "tongue" of the topic page.

in early 2012, "the tongue" the first season had let the Dengs ham, matsutake ingredients burst of red network, a Beijing northwest cuisine restaurant chain is to come up with 300 thousand yuan, appear in the show invited yellow bun maker Huang Guosheng spokesperson, and to develop into a yellow bun signature dish.

with the first season, "the tongue 2" in business seems to be more disciplined. Despite the absence of any placement program, but before the launch had been delineated several official partners. From the amount of view, SUPOR and four special wine as the title sponsor, the advertising fees are more than 40 million yuan; from the depth of cooperation, Tmall food and a delicacy Forum – bean fruit net by combining with the "tongue 2" depth of content, hoping to get some new meaning".

Shao Xiong is the head of Tmall food tongue project. Because the food is "tongue 2" Tmall official partners, each episode aired before he can get one week in advance to provide the list of ingredients, recipes of CCTV and video clips, then he will have to many businesses "Tmall platform trick >

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