CCTV exposure opium mask two weeks to make the skin addictive

and several hundred or even thousands of skin care products, masks not only affordable, clean and moisturizing effect is very obvious, welcomed by consumers. In electricity, micro business platform, mask types, the brand is all kinds of, and amazing sales, in addition to basic moisturizing mask, there was a lot of claims to have available, whitening and moisturizing skin and other effects of the mask, let consumers pick dazzled.

days ago, the Guangdong provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau recently released a special net sales for the mask products illegally added problems of risk supervision and monitoring results, results show that the network security products can not be optimistic about the sale of the mask.

sampling products nearly 1/4 illegal addition of glucocorticoid

after screening and screening, the staff from the major electricity supplier platform and some WeChat sellers purchased a total of 137 samples of all kinds of mask, both high low-end of each price below 20 yuan, among them, 6 samples, 20 to 100 yuan between the 75 samples, 100 samples of 32 to 200 yuan, 200 yuan more than 3 samples.


sampling is completed, the staff first tested for banned substances of glucocorticoid in cosmetics, the 33 mask sample detection of illegally added glucocorticoid, accounting for the total sample of 24.1%.


What is


it is understood that glucocorticoids are a class of clinical drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti allergy and other aspects of good curative effect, widely used in the Department of Dermatology for treatment of dermatitis, eczema and other diseases. But at the same time, experts pointed out that any drugs have side effects, must be strictly under the guidance of a doctor. If the use of corticosteroids can have serious side effects.


added some illegal corticosteroids can achieve the whitening mask though, tender skin effect in a short period of time, but if the long-term use, the skin can produce hormone dependent symptoms after discontinuation, but will increase the skin allergy, erythema, papules, telangiectasia and other serious problems. In 2007, the Ministry of health promulgated the "Hygienic standard for cosmetics" in which it was expressly prohibited to add glucocorticoids.


driven by interests, some enterprises will have the "skin opium" said corticosteroids illegally added to mask, one-sided emphasis on product available whitening effect, and ultimately harm the health of consumers is. Investigation, the reporter learned that, in recent years, because of the use of illegal substances added to cosmetics and skin hormone dependent patients become more and more.

a mask with two years of increasingly sensitive skin

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