dle fish auction plus live online Martha Lahti also traded 7 million


] February 20th news billion state power network, combined with Taobao live free fish auction today jointly announced transactions of second-hand car auction live Martha Lahti. It is understood that this free fish auction total turnover of 7 sets of second-hand car Martha Lahti, turnover reached $7 million 71 thousand. Participate in the auction models for the retired official Martha Lahti drive the second-hand car, activity crowd of up to 370 thousand people, 66 of the audience to participate in activities, auction vehicles have been announced exhausted.


activity release figure

According to

billion state power network to understand, the process of bidding by idle fish auction to pay the deposit, and then participate in the auction, the auction is successful, the margin for payment, bidder to pay the remaining payment under the line of stores.


margin process

although the auction of idle fish and some models of unsold, but as a luxury used car auction, the results have been quite good. According to insiders, large luxury car dealers monthly sales are only 50-200 units.


free fish auction screenshot

idle fish second-hand car for He Jia (War Tiger) told billion state power network, the idle fish is also exploring the second-hand car and brands cooperation, hoping to help enterprises to do the incremental value of automobile circulation, we think this car goods, online and offline should be together to provide consumers with better buy and use experience, it will certainly bring more transformation and precipitation data, so as to better serve consumers.

Martha Lahti through the second-hand car, he Jia said, Ali is a comprehensive platform for many people, also have a lot of high-end users, users buy idle fish auction, (through proof) to high-end than we imagined.

previously, Martha Lahti’s first SUV – Levante flagship store in Tmall starter, he had made 100 cars with only an empty sales of 18 seconds. Martha Lahti, managing director of Greater China, Bo Yaming even gave a very shocking evaluation.

currently, Tmall brand has broadcast cooperation involving HUAWEI, apple, Martha Lahti, Papi sauce live, logic thinking, reading Durex reality show, Cannes Film Festival, etc.. The Martha Lahti side, in addition to the official flagship store opened in Tmall, WeChat also opened in the end of the owner of the service number Martha Lahti.

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