Langsha Mall taking advantage of the brand integration of resources to attack

was founded in April 2008 is the Langsha group Langsha mall, online shopping mall. This is not only a B2C site, but also created a new global network of independent business model Langsha shop. The mall has Langsha’s most extensive product line, engaged in socks wholesale and retail, group purchase website, has the most abundant customer resources, every day 500 thousand buyers online purchase, online retail store is currently the busiest socks. Shop mode for the network to join the best venture capital investment, 300-500%’s profit margins, value selling. Insight into the development of hot industry network mall Langsha pulse, spotted a huge profit space online specialization consumer goods market, by virtue of the Internet industry in China Langsha dealer level position and fully deserve the high rate of page views, to create the first brand Chinese socks online shopping website "Langsha mall", let the dream of countless successful entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make money, make money without risk of zero cost Internet business model, network marketing across the world.

October 2008, Langsha mall selected "the fastest growing five commercial websites". Just one year, Langsha mall global ranking quietly up to 150 thousand, PR from 0 to 4 only spent a month, a member of the growth rate of over 200, but the results did not meet the Langsha mall mall, Langsha B2C website should know the biggest advantage is the integration of all active cyber source, seek win-win interests. Langsha mall also in a series of promotional activities, constantly looking for the most suitable development mode.

creative constantly, engage in activities

from the beginning of March 2009, the mall began to test the water Langsha member day activities, each month, No. 8, No. 18, No. 28, all products involved in the audience free shipping day "activities, fired the first shot of the campaign Langsha mall. From the first member of the day, the number of orders for the site has undergone a qualitative change. In the foundation of popularizing, over the past month, mark No. 8, No. 18, No. 28 member has the hearts of Langsha mall.

April is the anniversary of a Langsha mall, large discounts and preferential nature for the franchisee, be nothing difficult, but also create new styles to carry out the Langsha mall competition and pre deposit to send gifts activities, for a time, to join the public. And during this process, Langsha mall and cleverly interspersed with every Tuesday morning from 9 to 9:30 "30 minutes to grab free" activities, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of netizens. Next, Langsha mall will be how to carry out the activities we see?.

target customers, brand cooperation initiative

Langsha mall activities are not confined to the internal web site, on the outside, it discerns and has the same customer base sites: ONLYLADY, 21CN, flower net, woman to help Jinti, SmartClub, Tesco and other large female website. In the form of cooperation, each site has different. Onlylady members are highly active, in order to maximize their resources

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