Louis Liu magic magic heat website profit earning million yuan

magic show on the Spring Festival Gala in the country set off a burst of magic hot, this coke broke the junior college students in China Jiliang University, Louis Liu. Because he is not only a magic enthusiast, but also opened a magic site, in the show to promote the magic of performing arts, while selling magic props and teaching video. This time, his website hit rate soared, the turnover rate is the same as a natural and click on the road shot. Asked about the profitability of the site, a small happy to raise a hand: a month can reach five digits."

university students worship him for

"magic is the biggest advantage is that people can be happy, can bring you happy!" from a young age like magic in the high school has been a magic master. Also a pair of cards, just wash it, you can issue a set of color and brand samples; three sponge rabbit, under your eyes from the bottom of the palm of your hand stuffed into the plug, that is, he did not guess the hands of a few rabbits……

small cast in front of reporters changed a few magic. In fact, the magic when he was in high school often represent the class in the school cultural festival, to the China Jiliang University, he also used these small skills in class and the surrounding bedroom folded a number of hardcore fans, everyone called him master, with him to learn magic. These are the magic of my own Internet to find information on the video to learn, and slowly skilled on the way up." He said he had never really been a teacher.

think of selling magic props is purely accidental." Xiao Shi told reporters that a Christmas class activities, one of which is that students should give each other gifts, "since my magic so popular with everyone, why not take it as a gift for


so, he suggested that each other to perform a small magic, and then as a gift to exchange each other’s magic props. Small idea was adopted, he and a classmate with a friend borrowed 1500 yuan of money, to a magic factory in Yiwu purchase.

activities have been very successful, but 1500 yuan of goods, but only to sell the last $two hundred or three hundred.

founded the magic thousand


in the application when frustrated, the magic Yiwu manufacturers boss found him and asked if he was interested in helping him management of the company’s magic website, Xiao Shi a promise. The site administrator of the day, Xiao Shi didn’t get a penny of wages, but the accumulation of site management experience, understanding of a large number of customers and friends love magic.

By the end of 2007,

and a like-minded friends together to create a magic site, the main selling magic props and teaching video. In order to meet the needs of different consumer groups, small to sell the product is complete, both expensive professional magic props, but also a few dollars of gadgets.

site launched more than a year, every day thousands of hits, has been relatively stable. However, this time Louis Liu suddenly appeared in the Spring Festival Gala, indeed to small Shi >

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