Longkou fans international domain name registered by minon

has a history of 300 years of the brand "Longkou vermicelli" embarrassing situation, the international domain name longkoufensi.com was on a site open outcry.

reader complaints –

fan domain was cloned

March 27th, Yantai Mr. Wang told reporters complained that one of your login manufacturers in Yantai Longkou vermicelli production Co. Ltd. Jinhua fans website, the website domain name: www.longkoufensi.cn Shunshou error into www.longkoufensi.com. Who knows, the wrong input will make the network jump to another site. "I never thought that was a small mistake, would find his hometown brand name in the online open outcry." Mr. Wang angrily told reporters.

reporter then in accordance with the method provided by Mr. Wang into the site, the site to the domain name application and domain name transactions as the main business. In the domain name of the plate, there are a number of online stores have listed their own domain name, waiting for the transaction.

in a company called "Wu Yi" shop, the reporter found that the owner of longkoufensi.com, with the text "1000 station easy, one meter is hard to find, good rice without words, their own experience, and the world brand" Longkou vermicelli "coincidence" m "(" domain names ".)".

reporter survey –

thousand yuan can get the name of the domain name

on the evening of March 28th, the reporter pretended to buyers, telephone contact with the seller in Shandong, Heze, mr.. Hear reporters have to buy interest, Mr. Zhang enthusiastically introduced to reporters from the domain name. The reporter just pretended to do a small fan factory, want to use the domain name after the establishment of product sales channels.

reporter: "I buy your domain name, whether it will violate the law?" Mr. Zhang comfort told reporters: "you can rest assured that the use and management of the international domain name is responsible by the United States, do not fall under the jurisdiction China law, Longkou vermicelli manufacturer is not right to sue you in the Chinese."

When a reporter asked about the

domain name after the transaction management program, Mr. Zhang suggested: "buy, you can also apply for a renewal of ten years, is the title for ten consecutive years, then you can use either alone, or with a higher price to sell to the manufacturers of Longkou fans."

and Zhang in the conversation, the reporter learned that Zhang private registered longkoufensi.com, but not to take the initiative to sell Longkou vermicelli manufacturers domain. "After registration, I put it on the internet." Zhang told reporters.

after a bargain, Mr. Zhang would eventually to 1000 yuan to sell the domain name. Reporter also learned that the application for an international domain name

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