U S mission network sales exceeded 300 million in March to buy the top of the list

April 28th news group yesterday announced the March 800 navigation group purchase group purchase website sales data, the U.S. group net monthly sales of over 300 million yuan, ranked the sales top.


data show that the U.S. group net sales of over 300 million yuan a month, Wo Wo Group, dianping.com and hand over 200 million yuan, while the tenth Gaopeng is only 25 million 420 thousand yuan, with a large gap between the top.

it is reported that in March the domestic group turnover reached 1 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of about 236.2% in March last year.

on the other hand, the number of domestic group purchase websites continue to decay, and evaporation of at least 357 in March, as of the end of March a total of 3269 domestic group purchase website. (end)

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