Ali self logistics package to fly away from the market to break the bottleneck

in recent years, the development of electronic commerce than expected, at the same time, driven by the courier industry 23% annual rise with the growth rate of world. Nevertheless, in the process of the development of e-commerce, the logistics industry is still a major bottleneck in the further development of online shopping. How to break through, is related to the way out of e-commerce and prospects.

data analysis shows that, at present, the country has 1.56 e-commerce sites, including B2C has 9400. At the end of last year, online shopping enterprises nationwide courier parcel delivery total number reached 133 million. But in spite of this, the scale and speed of courier companies are still lagging behind.

therefore, the ability to become the key to the success of B2C companies. During the Spring Festival this year, the logistics has become a disturbing thing. The Spring Festival Golden "season" the orders soared, express delivery capacity is insufficient, a logistics company, the backlog of goods, have explosion". One is the customer expectation, but not to the goods. Therefore, the strong distribution capacity shows the absolute advantage in e-commerce market. During the Spring Festival, Suning group rely on strong logistics system is an example of Statistics show that during the Spring Festival sales grew by more than 400%.

but, at the same time, self logistics is not easy. E-commerce is a network, warehousing, services, technology, creativity, supply chain aggregation, if coupled with a logistics company, has not done a good job, the money is gone." Before the Spring Festival, was once the "lost single" troubled Lok CEO Bi Sheng (micro-blog) had complained to reporters.

actually, under the pressure of survival, strengthening the self storage area layout has become many B2C’s choice, and many small and medium sized B2C vertical sites, is also aware of the logistics will become a huge bottleneck in the development of B2C business, and began the investment and construction of logistics. Due to the increase of B2C traffic, the demand for the server is further enhanced, the well-known IDC China Connaught network should be introduced in this series of server preferences, in order to cope with the development of e-commerce sites.

self built logistics warehousing system, had to mention Alibaba. Recently, Ali announced a joint venture with a total investment of 100 billion yuan to develop the national logistics system, initially in the country to establish a three-dimensional warehouse network warehouse ali. The logistics network is not only for Taobao, but also for the whole industry. As a result, Alibaba’s future is not just an e-commerce business, but also a professional logistics developers.

this also allows logistics companies feel the pressure. Because the current private logistics company’s business is a large part of Taobao. According to the China Express Association statistics, in 2009 the national package of about 2 billion, of which about 1 billion from Taobao. Taobao brings about 5 million pieces of physical parcels every day. The logistics company’s warehouse explosion frequently, the service level is far below the expectations of consumers.

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