Ali announced the establishment of the automotive division to do automotive electricity supplier O2O

        Tencent Francisco (wood Gen) April 8th news, Alibaba group today announced the integration of its automotive business, founded Ali automotive division. The former general manager of Juhuasuan Wang Licheng (small) served as the general manager of Ali automotive division.

according to reports, Ali Ali group will integrate the automotive business big data marketing, auto finance business owners and 60 million convergence platform advantages, collaborative partners automobile eco industrial chain, through the wireless business scene, "see, buy, use and sell" full link car electricity supplier O2O one-stop services to owners.

It is worth mentioning that, in March of this year, Ali has worked with SAIC jointly announced the establishment of a joint venture of 1 billion yuan, the Internet car fund

". The fund will promote the development and operation of the Internet car platform, the future will be an open capital platform to attract more Internet car participants. Cooperation between the first Internet car will be listed in 2016.

that time, Wang Jian, chief technology officer of Alibaba, said the Internet to improve the way people communicate with the car at the same time, will be the car and the car, the car and the road, the vehicle and the exchange of infrastructure. People, vehicles, roads and infrastructure four-dimensional interaction has become a trend, which will lay the foundation for the improvement of unmanned technology.

According to

, Ali Automotive Division will further integrate the various resources within the group. And this year, during the Shanghai auto show, Alibaba will cooperate with various partners in the field of cooperation to jointly publish a new car business strategy.

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