Shop promotion method of Baidu search engine promotion

About Baidu, the promotion of search engine, there are a lot of skills and methods, these for the novice, are relatively advanced things, involves the web optimization of a lot of content, since this is where the fun Baidu Levin bird, said Levin birds that can master the way, don’t take turns.

1, Baidu space: do not know if you noticed, use Baidu space friends may have experience, send an article in their own space, when you search for second days, the general will appear on the first page of the search, even if your article is copied, why in the same will the first page is "Baidu space"? Because of their own sites Oh ~ of course in the search when there is a priority, said so much, do not know if you have not understood, you published an article on your Baidu space, to search in second days, so if you publish your the product description is not the same? Will search? Baidu space is your blog in their own blog advertising is no objection, of course, you don’t have all the ads, you can also send Some of your goods are introduced, some news or what industry, such as tea, you can send some tea knowledge, clothing, you can send some clothing shopping tips, do IT, you can send some hardware knowledge. According to their own…… the store sold the goods send some related content at the time of the release, the title, write a few words, and then remember at the end of the shop and your links in each article, so when people search, you can very easily see your article, read your article and see your shop, see you shop at the same time to see you cheap goods, see your goods at the same time.

2, Baidu know Baidu know in the beginning, the flow of people is quite large, but now with sina to ask what appears to have some diversion, but now traffic is not the question, especially if you have what problems need to be solved, through the Baidu search, first what is there? Of course is Baidu know the content, do not believe you can search Baidu now (computer bad?) look at the first occurrence of Baidu is not know the content? Oh, and on the same reason, Baidu in the promotion of the time, his home is certainly something first. So some friends may ask, what does this have to do with my shop ah, certainly has a relationship, you can in Baidu know the answer a question — remember to choose the answer, for example You are selling computer, find the computer industry answer, selling clothing for clothing industry answer, and so are other industries, when answering questions, here is a reference position, this position is what we need, at a time when answering questions we can link wrote their own shops which place, remember to answer, if your problem is adopted as the best answer, views will become by growth, give yourself a chance to show shop several times to

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