New tide Jingdong to raise the public is Hyun tide dad milf fresh products

Jingdong to the public to raise product characteristics of its novelty, tide, Hyun has been highly touted, here are the most intelligent and innovative new technology, the most interesting, let you see it; the most unique, most popular and most exciting cultural style, make you more elegant; also have more dreams dream than reality, let you self achievement. 80, 90 freaky tide dad how they take their adorable baby go high-tech rail? Small Jingdong to raise the public launch of the project is to recommend a few early adopters of products for the tide dad milf:

recommend a: love routing intelligent router

for children "network addiction" trend of younger age, love hit the concept of intelligent router routing network children’s nanny, hot mom dad tide through the connection with the mobile phone APP, can through the love of the home network routing used by real-time view on application terminal in the Internet, remote control, time management safety protection. Adorable baby from the source to protect the network security, to help children develop a reasonable use of network habits. Do not let your home adorable baby became the four eye was also kidnapped by the network can not extricate themselves, as soon as possible to understand the love of love cloud route, you want a dollar to get love route, to participate in the love of all the way to raise public Jingdong bar it!


recommended two: Blueair air purifier

along with Jing Chai under the dome burst red network, people are increasingly concerned about the air quality index, Xiao Bian also joined the fun of the contaminated earth APP, ready to monitor the air quality index. But just how good the air monitoring work? Is king! Jingdong crowdfunding launched Blueair 203 slim air purifier can purify the air not only saves the space, especially to remove 0.1 micron on lungs of harmful particulate matter, can protect the adorable baby free secondhand smoke, and let your adorable baby no free breathing every day.


recommendation three: Mask bear multi function Bluetooth early childhood story machine

in the high development cost, hot mom dad tide their choice than the bear mask bend the brows of multi function Bluetooth early story machine. Its unique fashion cute without edges design adorable baby full protection from harm, massive internal resources such as stories, songs, and habits, such as English Ancient Chinese Literature Search everything, uninterrupted monthly update website content, with download. Its ABS advanced environmental protection materials and silicone silicone material resistant to compression, high quality speakers, a simple operation can exercise adorable baby who heard. This kind of high-tech products to promote brain development, stimulate brain potentials, let be a clever adorable baby adorable baby.


recommendation four: West Han.

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