Alibaba logistics extends to the first pilot 8 provinces

September 3rd morning news, Alibaba’s Taobao, Tmall group announced the day before, will set up a Alibaba service station pilot in the domestic 11 universities, the campus express system to solve the problem of "last kilometer".

it is understood that the first batch of Ali cooperation in 11 universities located in Zhejiang, Hubei and Shanxi and other provinces (including municipalities) (8). Service station in the form of small post office cut, in order to provide express delivery, since the provision of services to facilitate college students to take and send. These service stations are expected to debut in late 9.

with the development of online shopping, college entrance is often a variety of courier companies and courier vehicles occupy. The courier stall will affect the image of the school, many schools refused to express the door. This has brought a lot of trouble to the students. Alibaba service station is a fancy to this market.

Tmall logistics planning team, said Alibaba service station to the campus small post office services. Service station area of 50-200 square meters, basically arranged in the vicinity of the student dormitory or go to the school cafeteria on the way. After the arrival of the courier, the system will immediately notify the recipient of the form in the form of SMS, receive a message to the small post office newspaper password can be taken. Small post office also provides for the courier company’s focus on a piece of service. (Li Yun)

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