Tangbei network B2B maternal electricity supplier countryside surrounds the city can counter attack

to say that the electricity supplier is the Red Sea, it is almost the maternal electricity supplier. Not only Tmall, Jingdong Pinqiang fierce, with the rise of the sea Amoy, honey bud baby at half a year to complete the four round of financing. Each round of billions of dollars in financing, repeatedly refresh our understanding of maternal electricity supplier market.


baby market trillion, a second tier city Internet Co to enter the blood fighting, it still has the market opportunity for


Zhu Hengchong think

All gathered in the 100 billion

blood first-tier cities, while the majority of the 2345678 line of the city, with a 900 billion market share. Tangbei network is to walk the city surrounded by rural Internet counter attack road.


know Tang Bei network

founder: Zhu Wei

business model: the integration of City Maternal and child supplies stores in Tangbei net purchase wholesale baby products (B2B); and invited its settled Tangbei network and mobile client, the line on the line to help mother shop stores, online payment, online delivery (O2O).

company founder Zhu Hengchong barrier: maternal industry optimized for 12 years, the more than and 100 maternal brands, more than 1 thousand brands, have a deep understanding of the industry, circulation channel.


recently launched in December 10, 2015 at the end of January, more than 1850 maternal stores settled, 2016 opener, January sales of over 5 million this year, the impact of 2 billion, become the Internet industry leader B2B mother.

do more than ten years under the line of business, the need to transform the Internet

2012 Chinese electric gezonglianheng, Gome online to dangdang.com, dangdang.com and its Tmall, suning.com’s acquisition of redBaby mother Mall… This year, over ten years of maternal and child market Zhu Hengchong made an important decision, he put down the line of business expansion to the electric field.

according to the usual experience, he just need to purchase distribution, at home to drink tea to make money. However, changes in the first tier cities, so that Zhu Hengchong strongly aware of the industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

Chinese year newborn close to 20 million, the mother of this group to 80, the mother are shopping Master, they don’t believe their parents’ parenting experience, believe that nutrition and maternal and child experts shared knowledge in micro-blog, love in the mother’s group to share parenting experience, maternal and child products gradually turned to online spending. This feature is particularly evident in the first tier cities.

Zhu Hengchong felt a change in the consumer scene. In 2015 the rise of scouring the sea, especially in the field of maternal and child birth of the sea Amoy upstart to honey bud baby as the representative of the Hengchong, let Zhu aware of maternal and child market is from the line to line transfer. He did ten years for the next line store delivery business.

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