United States Mission network requires a special agreement to cooperate business monopoly

engaged in the food and beverage industry in Hebei, Tangshan, he hopes to buy the site for their own companies to buy activities. As a result, he found the most local group in Tangshan, the United States to buy the advantages of the network, hoping to work with them to do a good job for their own corporate projects. At the same time, in order to better promote their own food and beverage business, he also want to cooperate with other group buying site. However, the United States Mission Network refused his request, said only the United States and mission network exclusive cooperation, otherwise it will be punished.

: Mr. ho is a start I do group purchase in the United States group, because I was a restaurant, and later the United States mission is to find someone to talk to me, he said you told me to sign an exclusive agreement, he said that this exclusive agreement means that only do this in the United States and is the only. Group cooperation with the United States, not with what other handle, Wowo, glutinous rice to cooperate. If it is found that with other platforms, and fined 5 thousand yuan.

and Mr Ho believes that, and what business cooperation, and how many cooperation, how to cooperate between the two companies, the United States Mission network exclusive cooperation terms alleged monopoly.

Ho: they tried to make me do this exclusive agreement is only to be able to tell them the exclusive cooperation agreement, tried to make me go sign, I signed, but they had the salesman said it does not matter to sign, that is good for me, but now, I think so now, after all, as a businessman, is certainly the better the more sales channels. In fact, these two days I am also considering, even if Baidu such a large platform, such as I do in the promotion of Baidu, Baidu also can not say that you are in our Baidu do not let you do on Google, or not let you do in Sohu, even if such a big company, he what has no such exclusive exclusive agreement, I think it’s alleged monopoly.

group net terms from the United States, where reflect the advantages and beauty group cooperation is a first time by the United States Mission in Ho restaurant ordering consumers will get 3 dollars of subsidies. However, this argument was subsequently denied the Tangshan United States Mission Network salesman zhang.


: ordering from his platform when, he is not there is one, is to give consumers, consumers first through his platform, the United States mission to give him a $three subsidy, the equivalent of consumers spend less three dollars.

and then press in cooperation with the intention of enterprises contacted Tangshan meituan salesman Zhang, he denied it will be fined for violation of the exclusive cooperation between enterprises, and for the first time by the United States Mission in collaboration restaurant ordering consumers will receive 3 yuan subsidy.

these popular buy site was able to win down, mainly because, after the first long-term cleanup of the market, on the other hand, also benefited from the investment or acquisition of other Internet giants. For example, the United States is the investment of the group, the public comment group is Tencent investment, as well as glutinous rice group was acquired by Baidu, etc.. In a giant investment or acquisition

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